Practical advice to buy used car: expert suggestion for your comfort

There are certain details that speak of how good or bad your new acquisition will be. That’s why, after choosing the used cars for sale in Kent, you must take your needs, taste and budgetinto account. You should start by reviewing what is easily perceptible such as the state of the painting. If it is damaged, scratched or the car has been repainted with poor quality work, it is not a good indicator of the care with which the vehicle has been treated.


How to inspect them?

Alone or accompanied by a friend, relative or specific mechanic you must consult with atleast someone that guarantees the mechanical conditions of the car. You have to inspect and examine every detail like detect signs of bumps, cracks or dents, verify that the paint is uniform, check the floor, open and close the doors, raise and lower the windows to check their efficiency, check covers and spare wheel and evaluate the response of the suspension. Once inside study the upholstery, try each button on the board, certify the correct use of audio, heating and air conditioning. As for the engine, concentrate on the loss of naphtha or oil and the temperature reached while running and cold.


Car test drive is essential to discover perceptible defects to the movement. Beyond walking, comfort and the magical feeling of driving it is essential to judge and adopt a position to discern. Carry it at different speeds, brake, pay attention to noises and clicks, drop the steering wheel and check the direction, see the color of the exhaust smoke, check the normal operation of the electronic injection at startup and the smoothness of the gearbox.

Papers: the real fellow

Prior to closing the operation, it is mandatory to demand all documentation. Making a clean transaction will dissolve ghosts or future contingencies. The used cars Kent model can be the ideal and the dreamed only when the paperwork is in order. From the possibility of certifying the engine in an authorized Verification Plant, to identifying the name of the current owner so as not to have to trace the legitimate owner of the unit. The glass should not be scratched or expired and much less broken. The sides must go down and up without problems, like the handles that open and close the doors.

Conclusion: The interior of the vehicle

The interior must be clean, should not show much wear, much less breaks in the upholstery or on the mat. In the case of chair springs they must not be transferred or protruding from the upholstery.All the instruments of the board, controls, as well as the whistle and all the lights must work perfectly. The wear of the rudder, of the lever of changes and of the pedals, indicates a lot of use and in several cases neglect.The tires of the vehicle must show a uniform wear and all must be of the same brand and reference.