Are you fond of clear skin? Here you must know these tips

Having perfect skin is not impossible, just have the right attention and follow the simple rules of daily care to do base on your skin type and age. The perfect skin is smooth without imperfections and dilated pores. The complexion is luminous and soft to the touch. How to have such a perfect skin? You must understand how to treat your skin according to the type and take care, as well as that of the face, even the skin of your body. So let’s see how to have perfect skin without acne, blackheads or dilated pores. To make the job easier, check this site out!


How to have perfect skin in a short time and at any age

Normal skin: It is smooth and compact. It is the least problematic, it needs to be purified, nourished and hydrated. In the morning, cool off with rose water or an astringent tonic. Then moisturize it with a delicate cream and not too greasy. Before going to bed, wash away any traces of makeup with a mild soap. Goat’s milk soap is perfect. Then put a nutritious and oil-based cream. Wait for about 15 minutes and then gently pat the skin with a cloth. Once a week use an egg yolk mask that has the extraordinary ability to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Every day after the shower, use a moisturizing lotion to keep your skin healthy.

Dry skin: It is thin and prone to cracking. This type of skin needs more care because it is subject to irritation and desquamation, as well as aging more easily. Usually between 40 and 50 years the skin tends to be mostly dry. Use only natural and oil-rich products such as sweet almond oil. Apply them twice a day and wait for the skin to absorb them before you make up. Use hypoallergenic cosmetics. Do not use tap water to remove make-up. In this way, even dry skin will seem velvety and healthy.

Oily skin: It is shiny and unctuous to the touch. The main purpose is to remove excess sebum, therefore hydrate, purify and restrict dilated pores and prevent or treat the presence of acne. Two, three times a day, wash the skin using a mild soap. An aggressive product would stimulate the production of sebum. You can have a perfect skin with no enlarged pores using sebum rebalancing, emollient and astringent lotions.

Conclusion: age difference

The first thing to do is to establish your skin type in order to take care of it in a targeted way, offering treatments that are suitable for every type. Every skin has its beauty routine to follow to be perfect in a short time and at any age. Every period of life has its needs. At 20 years the skin can be more impure, at 30 appear the first wrinkles, at 40 there may be problems related to low light or spots while at 50 years, you focus on wrinkles and loss of tone.